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Text Box: ♥  Many people just associate acupuncture with needles. In Chinese medicine, strategically placed needles are used to help heal and prevent disease. The process is called acupuncture.
The chi runs through conduits or roadways in the body, which are called channels. Acupuncture heals and prevents diseases by stimulating points along these pathways through the use of pressure, needles, light, heat and the introduction of electrical stimulation," says Eberstein. "The acupuncture points have been shown to have bioelectrical conductive properties and the stimulation of these points actually normalizes this conductivity. The conduction effects can then be measured through the use of instrumentation such as a volt meter."
"Acupuncture is widely used for acute pain and trauma of sprains or strains of tendons and muscles, as well as other acute trauma conditions such as postoperative wound healing," Eberstein continues. "But its strength over Western medicine lies in its ability to heal and address any chronic disorder-meaning any illness that is [more than] two to three months old. By definition, chronic illness is a failure of Western medicine because Western medicine was not able to deal with the disorder in the acute stages. It is because of this that acupuncture and Oriental medicine should always be considered in any chronic illness."
Acupuncture has produced successful results in myriad disease categories including, but not limited to:
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